"Our mission is to strengthen Portugal's economy by introducing foreign investors in real estate and establishing their residencies."

– Reza Rahim, Founder & Chief Executive

Our Consulting Services

At Lovely Panoramic we have a 2 pronged business approach encompassing real estate investment and procuring the Portuguese Golden Visa

Golden Visa Program

Portugal’s Golden Visa Program is the most popular in Europe. With over 8000 primary visas and 14000 family visas issued since the inception of the program, the Portuguese Golden Visa only takes 3 to 5 months to procure. Lovely Panoramic’s excellent service, knowledge, and know-how of the process shall ensure a smooth path to obtaining your residency in Portugal.

Property Investment

Property investing is a difficult proposition in a foreign country. Lovely Panoramic makes the experience easier and with its advice, beneficial for potential property owners. It has a network of reliable partners who consistently bring new ideas for the more discerning investor.