We make your property investment experience in Portugal simpler and more efficient.

Property Investing is a difficult proposition in a foreign country.

Lovely Panoramic provides its investors with an efficient service to acquire the correct property. It simplifies the investment experience by short-listing appropriate properties, using a network of reliable and committed partners, bringing new ideas for the discerning client and giving the appropriate advice, as and when required.

Total Investiments

since October 8, 2012 up to March 31, 2022

Bn until March 31, 2022


in Real Estate investments

Investment of €500,000 and above

Real estate purchase

The Investor must prove his / her ownership of the real estate or must deliver a copy of the promissory contract indicating the payment of an initial deposit in value equal to or above 0.500 Million Euros, which can be done in one of the following ways:


  • Co-ownership allowed, provided that each applicant invests 0.500 Million Euros or more;


  • Investment through a single member limited company of which he/she is the proprietor;


  • Mortgaging, or otherwise, encumbering, the property in the share exceeding the minimum investment value of 0.500 Million Euros;


  • Lease the real estate for business, agriculture or tourism purposes


We support you with all the needed information for your planning.

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