Golden Visa program

A successful flight to new horizons.

Portugal’s Golden Visa Program is the most popular in Europe.

With over 8000 primary visas and 14000 family visas issued since the inception of the program, the Portuguese Golden Visa only takes 3-5 months to procure. Lovely Panoramic excellent service, knowledge, and know-how of the process shall ensure a smooth path to obtaining your residency in Portugal.

What is the Portuguese Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa Program commenced on October 8, 2012 and is a fast-track investment related residency (3 – 6 month process) for foreign investors from non-EU countries, in Portugal. It is the largest and most successful program in Europe today. 

How successful is the Golden Visa Program?

Since the inception of the scheme, it has been a very popular, largest and most successful program for residency in Europe today. Please see the statistics on this page below.

Who can apply for the Golden Visa?

All non-EU citizens who conduct an investment activity in Portugal are eligible to apply for the Golden Visa Program. They may avail the scheme as an individual, business person or through a company set up in Portugal.

Why Portugal?

The main advantages of obtaining a Golden Visa are:

  1. Schengen Visa exemption for travel to Portugal and all other EU countries;
  2. Low minimum stay requirement of 35 days over 5 years;
  3. Access to all Portuguese Public Services, including health and education.
What is Family Reunification

The most popular aspect of Family Reunification is that it allows full age children (i.e.; over the age of 18) to apply simultaneously with their parents, provided they are unmarried and dependent on the couple or one of the spouses and study in an education establishment anywhere in the World. Please contact us for more information.

What are the Investment Modes?

At Lovely Panoramic we operate at a baseline of €500,000 investment. Please contact us for more details.

Is there another mode to apply for the Golden visa?

Must invest in one of several modes set out in the law (we discuss the Real Estate option); Other options can be discussed, if required.

Application Process portugal Golden Visa

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Golden Visa Social Benefits

Legal residency in Portugal grants its holder to be registered at the country’s free and universal healthcare service, which currently ranks 22nd in the world.

Heath Care

Legal residency in Portugal grants its holder to be registered at the country’s free and universal healthcare service, which currently ranks 22nd in the world.

Free Education

Access to free education in Portugal, including at University level, which ranks 24th in the World. The program benefits from several European exchange programs allowing non-EU citizens to study in any country of the EU/Schengen Area

Social Security

One will also be able to be registered at Portuguese Social Security and obtain
assistance and social subsidies in the event of illness, pregnancy, unemployment, etc.

Comfortable Weather

Lastly, and perhaps the most important social benefit of all, it is sunny in Portugal 300 days out of the year

Family Reunification

Simultaneous application subject to approval of the GV application. Family members include:

  • The spouse


  • Minors or incapable children under the guardianship of the couple or of one spouse


  • Children who are of full age, unmarried and dependent of the couple or of one of the spouses, and study in an education establishment, regardless of the Country in which that establishment is located


Passport with visa stamps. Travel or turism concept background
  •  Adopted Minors*


  • First-degree relatives in the direct ascending line of the resident or his/her spouse provided that they are dependent on them


  • Minor siblings*

Golden Visa Statistics

since October 8, 2012 up March 31, 2022

Golden Visas have been issued

Family Reunification Residence Permits issued

Main Nationalities




Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, Russia


Lebanon, Pakistan and several other countries

Total Investiments

Bn until March 31, 2022


in Real Estate investments


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