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  1. Passport & Valid Schengen Visa;
  2. Passport photos;
  3. Criminal record certificate issued by the State of origin and/or country of residence;
  4. Marriage certificate;
  5. Bank account;


Documents at 3 & 4 must be translated into Portuguese, certified, attested by both the MOFA and the Embassy of Portugal in the country of issue or residence, as required.

Documents for opening the bank account should include:

  • Proof of residential address; and
  • Proof of income.

*All documentation above is the applicant’s responsibility

  • Power of Attorney to the Law Firm;
  • Proof of Investment;
  • Declaration from the investor confirming compliance with the investment requirements;
  • Health Insurance valid in Portugal;
  • Portuguese Fiscal number;
  • Portuguese Criminal Record;
  • Declaration from the Tax Department proving the absence of debts  to the Tax Authorities;
  • Declaration from Social Security proving the absence of debts to Social Security Authorities;
  • Receipt of payment of the processing fee;

*All documentation above will be done by the appointed law firm;

  1. Application form signed and submitted in person at Immigration in Lisbon;
  2. Responsibility term signed in person, declaring that you are responsible for your adult child;
  3. Copy of adult child’s passport;
  4. Adult child’s birth certificate (translated, attested and certified by the issuing country);
  5. Criminal record certificate issued by the adult child’s State of origin or country of residence;
  6. Document supporting the adult child’s enrolment in an educational establishment;

Note: Documents at 4, 5 & 6 must be translated into Portuguese, certified, attested by both the MOFA and the Embassy of Portugal in the country of issue or residence, as required.

  • A person aged 18 or over may be naturalized as a Portuguese citizen after 5 years of legal residence;
  • There is a requirement to have sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language and effective links to the national community; Children aged under 18 may acquire Portuguese citizenship by declaration when a parent is naturalized, and future children of such Portuguese nationals will be considered Portuguese citizens by birth;
  • A naturalized Portuguese citizen only starts to be considered Portuguese once the naturalization process is done. Therefore, they cannot transmit nationality to their descendants if they have already been born and are over 18 by the time the naturalization process is completed;


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